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You can almost hear the collective sigh from parents whose children ask for a set of drums. The first thoughts that come to mind are that they are loud, that they take up a ton of space, and that they will fill their home with bangs, twangs, and thumping at all hours. However, drums are a great instrument for kids. Since drums are the often the basis for most songs, keeping rhythm and the beat, learning how to play opens the door to learning music by ear and to learning other instruments. They help with coordination and motor skills as well as using both the feet and the hands to play.

Luckily there is an option for those who are interested in learning to play the drums and the parents that have to listen to it. Yamaha DTX402K Electric Drums are quiet and smaller in size than traditional drum sets. In fact, there is a knob that can control the volume and even an option to wear headphones so only the person playing can hear it. 

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These drums are more than just a play set, though. They also offer recording capabilities so you can listen back to the music you played as well as training modules with games and songs to practice. The DTX402 Touch app includes metronome practice to help with timing, play-along songs with musical genres like pop, rock, metal, EDM, hip hop, jazz, and latin, or use their training modes to help make you a better drum player. 

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The Yamaha DTX402K Electric Drum set is a perfect first drum set for kids. It is quiet, small, and allows your child to learn how to play the drums through practice and games with the DTX402K app. 

Enter below to win a set of Yamaha DTX402K Electric Drums from Yamaha and Daily Mom!

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Entries valid in the US only, except where prohibited by law. Entrants must be 18 years or older to enter. One prize per household. No purchase necessary.

Yamaha DTX402K Electric Drums

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To learn more about the Yamaha DTX402K Electric Drum set and how it can help your child become more interested in music, check out 6 Ways to Get You Child More Into Music here on Daily Mom. 


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Yamaha Drum Kit Giveaway

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