15 Exciting And Fun Ball Games For Kids


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When your kids are glued to the couch and have zero motivation to get active, try some interesting ball games.  They will jump out of the couch and ask for more because the games are exciting whether your child wants to play solo or with their friends.

In this post, MomJunction shares 15 interesting ball games for kids. Play together and have fun.

15 Fun Ball Games For Kids

They can be played indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather and your child’s interest.

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Indoor ball games for kids

You may try these games when it’s raining outside or Mr. Sun is shining very bright.

1. Tossing a ball into the box

Tossing a ball into the box

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A challenging one for sure! To play this game, you will require a tennis ball, four baskets/cardboard boxes, rope, and a timer.

How to play:

  1. Place the four baskets at a distance. If you are using cardboard boxes, keep one side open.
  2. Using the rope, mark a start line maintaining at least 5ft distance from the baskets.
  3. The player has to stand at the start line and target the baskets.
  4. Set a time limit on the timer; if the player tosses the ball into every basket within the prescribed time, they win.
  5. If there is more than one player, you can have a mini competition of who throws the maximum number of balls in the set time.

Benefits: The child will learn about distance, and improves focus and motor skills.

2. Segregate the balls

Segregate the balls

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This game suits little children who are just learning about colors. Lots of colorful balls and a big tub is all you need, to play this entertaining game.

How to play:

  1. Fill up the tub with all the colorful balls.
  2. The players have to segregate the balls into each distinct color and place them separately.

Benefits: Teaches them about colors.

3. Run the ball through a maze

Run the ball through a maze

Image: iStock

Make your child try running a ball through the maze within a time limit.

How to play:

  1. You can either buy a board which has a maze or build one using objects lying around the house. When you are creating the maze, make it tricky to solve.
  2. Place the ball at the beginning of the maze and run it through the entire maze until it reaches the other end.

Benefits: This game will improve the cognitive abilities of the player as it is mentally challenging and requires a lot of attention.

4. Bowling


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Bowling is a competitive sport. It sure brings happiness to the child when pins are stricken off.

How to play:

  1. Older kids can play bowling under the guidance and supervision of parents at the nearest bowling game zone. It is essential to wear bowling shoes while playing this game.
  2. The player has to stand at the beginning of the bowling ramp.
  3. Pick a ball and roll it towards the pins.
  4. The goal is to strike as many pins as they can in one throw.

Benefits: Bowling boosts self-confidence in children every time they hit the target.

5. Break the pyramid

Break the pyramid

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This amusing game can be played at parties, family gatherings or just any time your child is in the mood to play a creative game.

How to play:

  1. Stack the glasses in a pyramid shape on the one end of a table.
  2. The player has to stand on the opposite end and try to hit all the paper glasses.
  3. If all the glasses do not fall at once, players have to arrange the glasses and attempt the target once again.
  4. To make it challenging, having a timer set in would be great.

Benefits: This ball game is fun and challenging at the same time, thus improving cognitive abilities.

Outdoor Ball Games for kids

When the child wants to bask in the sun or head to the beach with friends and family, these outdoor ball games will add to the beauty.

6. Basic tennis

Basic tennis

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Introduce this engaging game to young kids. To make it interesting, keep a score of the hits and misses.

How to play:

  1. Fix the net in your garden or the yard.
  2. Start with lighter strokes to play beginner level tennis.
  3. One player has to start the serving with the racket, bounce the ball to the opposite side, and the other player hits it back. This way the ball keeps moving back and forth.
  4. When the ball touches the net, the player loses a point.

Benefits: Kids improve their attention span. While jumping and running around to hit the ball, their muscles are exercised too.

7. Football


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Are your kids football fans? Then this sport is definitely for them. Get a lightweight ball and teach them the basics of football.

How to play:

  1. One player has to be the goalkeeper.
  2. The other player(s) must dribble the ball and aim to hit the goal.
  3. The goalkeeper has to stop the ball from entering the goalpost.

Benefits: Football games for children help strengthen the calf muscles. They are also a fantastic physical exercise.

8. Beach cricket

Beach cricket

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On a bright sunny day, head to the beach and play this refreshing game with the kids.

How to play:

  1. One player has to bat, and the other(s) has to ball and field. You can mutually decide who wants to bat first or toss a coin for the same.
  2. Stick the wickets in the beach sand.
  3. The bowler has to target the wickets while bowling whereas the batsman defends the wickets to stay in the game.
  4. When the batsman hits the ball, the fielders and bowler have to catch the ball or field it around the pitch.
  5. While they are fielding, the batsman has to run between wickets and score as many runs as possible.
  6. If the bowler hits the wickets while the batsman is away, the latter is out of the game.

Benefits: Playing cricket engages the entire body; therefore it is a great physical activity for kids.

9. Beach ball

Beach ball

Image: iStock

A beach ball is all you need to play this simple but fascinating game. Throw it in the air, and let the winds decide where it goes.

How to play:

  1. The players stand on opposite sides.
  2. One throws the ball and the other one has to catch it without missing.
  3. The player throws back the ball to the opposite player.

Benefits: Sharpens the mind of young children as it engages the eyes and the mind.

10. Baseball


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This is a beginners’ baseball game for children to play when they are outdoors.

How to play:

  1. Assign the task of pitching the baseball to one player, and batting to another. Make sure the players are wearing protective gear like gloves, right shoes, and a helmet.
  2. The pitcher has to pitch the ball to the hitter.
  3. When the ball strikes the baseball bat, he/she has to swing the bat and hit it hard.
  4. Once the hitter hits the ball, the fielders have to retrieve the ball, while the hitter runs to score a point.

Benefits: Kids baseball game helps in building strong arms and legs. It improves focus and levels of concentration.

11. Pool ball race

Pool ball race

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Active children will love this ball race in water as it requires tonnes of energy.

How to play:

  1. Once the players are dressed in their swim gear, they are assigned one ball each.
  2. They begin the race from one end of the pool and swim to the other end while pushing the ball along.
  3. The ball cannot be thrown in the air.
  4. The player that reaches first wins the race.

Benefits: This game will improve the fine motor skills, and increase their stamina and hand-eye coordination.

12. Ball in the spoon

 Ball in the spoon

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This age-old game can be played at any time. All that you need is some spoons and small balls.

How to play:

  1. Players have to place the ball in the spoon and hold the spoon in their mouth.
  2. They should reach the end line of the race while making sure that the ball does not fall from the spoon.
  3. The players cannot use their hands to hold the ball in place.
  4. If the ball falls before reaching the finish line, they must restart from the start line.
  5. Whoever reaches the finish line first, with the spoon and ball in their mouth, wins the race.

Benefits: This game helps children balance their pace, and improve their concentration.

13. Pass and retain the ball

Pass and retain the ball

Image: iStock

Perfect for kids to learn interactive skills with their peers.

How to play:

  1. Divide the players into two teams of equal number.
  2. Set the time limit for the game.
  3. The first player throws the ball in the air and the other players have to grab it and pass to their respective team members only. Every player attempts to retain the ball.
  4. The players can pass the ball between each other, but not to the immediate player standing next to them.
  5. When the timer buzzes, the team which has the ball in their hands wins the game.

Benefits: Such games help kids to learn team building skills and be a team player. It motivates them to build strong connections with their team members.

14. Flipping the balls

Flipping the balls

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This ball game is sure to get the kids jumping in joy.

How to play:

  1. Divide the players into two teams and make them stand in a circle in a way that no two players from the same team are standing next to each other.
  2. Each player has to hold one end of the bed sheet and place all the balls in it.
  3. One team should try to retain the balls inside the bed sheet, and the other side should try to throw away the balls by flipping the bed sheet.
  4. Set the timer.
  5. The team that retains/ throws away the maximum number of balls wins.

Benefits: This game teaches kids to play in a team and support one another.

15. Juggling


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Three matching balls, lots of energy and there you have a rollicking game ready.

How to play:

  1. Hold two balls in one hand, and one ball in the other.
  2. Release the first ball from the dominant hand, juggle it in the air, and quickly catch it with the other hand while releasing another ball.
  3. It is not easy but a lot of fun if you practice it well.

Benefits: Juggling helps children to focus and increase the movement of hands, wrist, and eyes. It also exercises the brain by improving focus and is a great stress reliever.

Ball games are a great physical exercise for children. Therefore, add them in their weekly exercise routine and children won’t complain of being active. Join them in a game during the weekend to have some bonding time.

Which of these ball games is your child’s favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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